This interactive one-day course covers basic legal principles governing the elements of criminal liability, accessories, inchoate offences (eg attempts), voluntary and involuntary manslaughter and differences between various offences involving theft, eg robbery, burglary and fraud, and the range of criminal assaults. Procedure after arrest, police bail, the charge, magistrates’ courts’ composition and hearings, prosecuting authorities, crown court & summary trials and appeals, the legal profession, judges.

It is an intensive course with a maximum of 18 participants.
Course notes and other materials will be distributed by email to participants one week in advance.

The course is in English and aimed at translators who translate legal documents from or into English, and legal interpreters who work with English.

David Hutchins, solicitor

Der serveres kaffe/te og vand. Kursusafgiften omfatter desuden frokost.

Der er plads til flere deltagere på kurset, så tilmeldinding er mulig til ca. 10. janur 2013.

Sted : Admiral Gjeddes Gaard, St. Kannikestræde 10A, 1169 København K
Dato : 15.01.2013
Tid : 10.00 til 17.00
Normalpris : 3600 kr. ekskl. moms
Medlemspris : 2800 kr. ekskl. moms
Tilmelding senest : 17.12.2012
Kursusnummer : 117

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